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Welcome to the Property Services Regulatory Authority’s (PSRA) website.

Launch of updated Property Services Agreement (Letters of Engagement) documents.

As advised in our recent Newsletter, the PSRA has produced new Property Services Agreement or ‘Letters of Engagement’ documents.

The following Letters of Engagement are available on the PSRA website
    Letter of Engagement ‘A’ – Auction of Livestock, Vehicles, Antiques, Goods and Chattels.
    Letter of Engagement ‘B1’ – Sale of Land.
    Letter of Engagement ‘B2’ – Purchase of Land.
    Letter of Engagement ‘C1’ – Letting of Land.
    Letter of Engagement ‘C2’ – Letting of Agricultural Land (Conacre).
    Letter of Engagement ‘D’ – The Provision of Property Management.

Please note below some important points about the documents:
    The format of the Agreement may be reproduced on the Agent’s headed notepaper.
    This Agreement must be signed by a PSRA Licensed Agent and the Client.
    Any amendment to this Agreement must be signed by both parties.
    The headings in the Specified Form which are bold, underlined and marked with an asterisk (*) are Heads of Agreement which must be addressed.
    Those Heads of Agreement which are in bold only are optional and may be deleted in full or amended as appropriate.
    It is not necessary to set aside an existing Property Services Agreement to use this new revised Property Services Agreement version. The new version can be used when a new contract is agreed.

For any new agreements being entered into from October 1st 2018 these documents MUST be used.

The Minister for Justice and Equality, by order under the Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011, established the Authority on a statutory basis on 3 April 2012.

The main function of the Authority is to control and regulate Property Services Providers (i.e. Auctioneers/Estate Agents, Letting Agents and management Agents) this includes the licensing of all such services providers, the establishment of a complaints investigation and redress system for consumers, the setting and enforcement of standards in the provision of property services, the administration of client accounts, the establishment and maintenance of a compensation fund and the creation of three Public Registers.

The Authority has published three registers namely, the "Register of Licensed Property Services Providers", the "Residential Property Price Register" and the "Commercial Leases Register". These Registers may be accessed by clicking on the Public Registers button to the right..

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