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Non Personal FOI Log

Summary of Non Personal Freedom of Information Requests submitted to the Authority in 2015

Ref NoDate of RequestDecision DateDescription of RequestRequester TypeGranted, refused
or part granted
1-201518/05/2015 5/06/2015Access to records within the Commercial Leases Register from 01/01/2010 to 18/05/2015IndividualRefusedAdministrative - S 15, records available in public domain
4-201511/11/2015 4/12/2015Information concerning number and nature of complaints, investigations, sanctions imposed, prosecutions brought and the Property Services Compensation Fund BusinessGrantedN/A
7-201518/12/2015 0/12/2015Access to property service provider’s licenceIndividualRefusedAdministrative - S 15, records available in public domain

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