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Letters of Engagement

Important Notice
The Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011 requires all Licensees to issue a Letter of Engagement to Clients
in the form specified by the Authority.

Only the Letters of Engagement set out herein may be used by Licensees.

Failure to use the specified Letters of Engagement is “Improper Conduct” within the meaning of the Act.

Licensees, which the Authority finds engaging in “Improper Conduct”, will be sanctioned by the Authority.

The sanctions which the Authority may impose include the following:
    * Caution, warn or reprimand the Licensee;
    * Direct Licensee to pay up to €50,000 to Fund;
    * Impose fines of up to €250,000 on Licensees;
    * Suspend or revoke the Licensee’s licence.
To view the Letters of Engagement of the Property Services Regulatory Authority, click on the links below.


Sale other than Auction



Property Management Services

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